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Yaroslava from Severodonetsk


Thanks to the support of the VUSO team's supporters, the girl resumed her rock climbing training and has won numerous awards in competitions and championships.

Yaroslava from Severodonetsk, 16-year-old

Yaroslava is a girl with an incredible passion for rock climbing. She engages in this sport professionally and being only 16, she already has impressive achievements. Yaroslava participated in the Ukrainian championships and received First Adult Sports Category thanks to her high results. But her interests are not limited to sports - she also pursued dancing before Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine and actively deepened her knowledge of English. This energetic and optimistic girl always sets ambitious goals for herself and achieves them through her persistence and continuous development. 

Energetic and optimistic Yaroslava Yaroslava during rock climbing training

Changes in Yaroslava's life began when supporters from the VUSO team decided to help her reach her ambitious goals. Thanks to the scholarship provided, Yaroslava's mother was able to provide her daughter with the necessary equipment for rock climbing and cover the fees for training in professional clubs. Now her development has received additional support, and she quickly started preparing for new challenges and accomplishments.

Марія працює над новим витвором мистецтва

She chose climbing shoes for herself and began actively participating in competitions, festivals, and Ukrainian championships. With great pleasure, she steps onto the arena where she conquers challenging routes and pushes her limits. At the "Hyperion" Hyper Winter Climbing Week 2023 festival in skeledrome "Hyperion," Yaroslava won first place.

Yaroslava proves that at 16 one can achieve a lot through diligence and determination. Every competition and award is a step toward her main goal: to make it to the Ukrainian national team, make it to the podium and see the Ukrainian flag raised at the international competitions. Yaroslava will surely accomplish everything she sets out to achieve and will become a source of inspiration for everyone around her.

Thanks to the scholarship, Yaroslava got new climbing shoes

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