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Empower Ukrainian Children

Provide the Gift of Education and Personal Development Opportunities

Restoring Ukraine's Future

Ukraine has lost 30% of its children, and an additional 26% of children have lost access to education and personal development. The Humancreed supporter community gives these children the chance to become tomorrow's heroes, champions, and leaders.

Choose and Support Dreams

You decide who to support - become a supporter of the children whose dreams and needs resonate with your heart.

Track your Impact

Experience real change - watch the development and progress of the children. Share in their small and big joys and victories.

Be Assured

Transparency you can trust: Track the spending reports of the given support

Help Children Unleash Their Talents

Choose a way to support that resonates with your heart: from making individual children's dreams come true to contributing to one of the targeted support funds.

  • Education

    Extracurricular courses and tutors (Math, English, History, etc.), books, educational tools;

  • Sports

    Participation in sports clubs, hobby groups (like dance, swimming, artistic gymnastics); sports equipment; funding for participation in competitions and tournaments;

  • Creativity

    Classes at creative schools, clubs, and workshops; necessary tools, equipment, and materials for creativity;

  • Personal Development

    Cultural leisure (theatres, museums, excursions, philharmonic), corrective developmental sessions (like speech therapy for speech defects, psychological correction for children with autism spectrum disorders);

  • Infant Care

    Child hygiene, nutrition, clothing and footwear, toys and equipment to ensure your child grows up healthy and happy.

Focused Support  Maximum Impact

Our approach is based on identifying and supporting those categories of children who require immediate attention or those who possess extraordinary potential.

Children of Defenders

You can support the education and development of children whose parents serve for the welfare of the country.

Star Children

We help talented children to grow and reach great heights.

Children with Losses

We provide opportunities to children who need extra attention due to developmental peculiarities, health, or family circumstances.

Displaced Children

We support children who have experienced displacement, helping them adapt to new conditions and continue their development.

Little Heroes – Big Victories

Supporters pave the way for children to realize their dreams, unfold their talents, and regain lost opportunities.

Parents Speak About Their Children's Participation in the Project

Hear firsthand how our project has made a positive impact on families and their children's lives.

Experience Real Changes

Track the children's progress, challenges, and successes through their personal blogs. Learn how your support creates miracles. Share in the joy of both small and large victories.
Я радію, що є результат і дитина задоволена! І що це допоможе дитині втілювати бажання які їй так потрібні

Тетяна Ткачук
HR manager

Your Contribution

– Your Rules

Flexible subscription that benefits both you and the children. Change your contribution amount or pause your subscription at any time. We'll ensure uninterrupted support for the children.
Your contributions are securely and promptly transferred by "Dopomagai" NGO to the children's parents.
Дуже ціную досягнення дітей, які завдяки сильної волі не тільки стараються на всі 100%, а й не зупиняються на досягнутому результаті, йдуть далі підкорювати вершини…

Олена Темченко
Cпеціаліст СК "ВУСО"

Your Confidence

Transparency you can trust: Track the spending reports of the given support, provided by parents and verified by the “Dopomagai” NGO.
Rest assured, your support is utilized as intended!
Humancreed дає змогу познайомитись з мріями дітей та історіями їх родин, що природньо викликає бажання підтримати їх шлях до власних перемог!

Євген Савельєв
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