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The Idea, Born in Ukraine, Embraced by the World

Humancreed is a global community of individuals who support children in their quest to find their own purpose. The project's mission is to help society raise a generation of motivated, talented, and ambitious children: heroes, champions, winners, to foster the growth and prosperity of our Ukraine.

February 2022. Russian invasion of Ukraine.

In 2022, as a result of the Russian aggression, the normal and happy lives of millions of Ukrainian children were abruptly disrupted.

Out of the 7.5 million children present in Ukraine at the start of the invasion on February 24, 2022, 2.5 million were forced to seek refuge and educational opportunities abroad. Another 2 million children became internally displaced, losing access to quality education and conditions for personal development.

Ukraine stood at the threshold of losing 5.5 million of its future - talented and motivated young individuals who could have become doctors, lawyers, athletes, artists, and many other professionals that shape society.

Societal Support

Recognizing the need for assistance to Ukrainians, people from Ukraine and all over the world started looking for ways to offer help. They believed in the possibility of aiding Ukraine in its recovery from the devastation of war and creating an environment for the growth of a new generation of talented individuals - true heroes and champions. - Free Housing for Displaced Individuals

In February 2022, IT entrepreneurs Eugene Gusarov and Andrii Taganskyi left behind all their projects and, together with over 80 volunteers from around the world, created - the largest platform in Ukraine for providing housing to internally displaced persons. The platform brought together hundreds of thousands of people willing to offer shelter with those who had lost their homes.

While working on this project, the team of social entrepreneurs discovered another major issue - the loss of access to education and opportunities for development among young displaced individuals. Therefore, in July 2022, our team took on the challenge of addressing this problem. During the pilot phase of the platform, the team was able to connect 76 children with nearly 200 supporters from Ukraine, the United States, Canada, and other countries around the world.

The Birth of Humancreed

In June 2023, with the aim of helping thousands of children and drawing global attention to the needs of Ukrainian youth, the Humancreed team launched the world's first mobile application for targeted support of children.

Meet Our Team

Our team believes that together we can build a better future for every child - in Ukraine and around the world.

Андрій Таганський - Засновник та СЕО Humancreed

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