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Varvara from Toretsk


With the aid of Wix Company supporters, Varvara returned to dancing and successfully competed in the World Championship.

8-year-old Varvara from Toretsk

For 3 years now, Varvara has been wholeheartedly dedicated to modern sports dance with acrobatics and gymnastics. Every day, she diligently works on her technique, grace, and acrobatic elements to become an even better performer. Varvara enjoys participating in competitions the most, where she has already achieved her first victories at the national level. In her free time Varia loves painting.

Varvara is at the All-Ukrainian competition

Wix Company supporters became a true source of inspiration and encouragement for Varvara, helping her develop in her favorite art form. Thanks to the scholarship, her parents were able to purchase performance outfits for her and pay for dance training. Additionally, Varvara now has a vast set of art supplies for painting.

Despite challenges, the girl doesn’t give up and continues to work on her dance and gymnastic skills, turning obstacles into opportunities. Varvara took part in the Dance World Championship in Lithuania, where she represented Ukraine.

She became a two-time vice world champion and a two-time bronze world champion. This tremendous achievement emphasizes the importance of supporting Ukrainian children by the supporters.

The World Championship was just the beginning of Varvara's performances on grand stages. Currently, the girl is diligently preparing for upcoming dance competitions and future victories.

Trying out the performance outfit for the World Championship

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