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Sviatoslav from Severodonetsk


Thanks to the support, Sviatoslav became a successful athlete, winning prizes in rock climbing competitions. Moreover, he’s developed his talent as a musician and masterfully plays the violin.

Sviatoslav from Severodonetsk, 14-year-old

At the age of 14, Sviatoslav realized his vocation - to become a programmer. For several years, the boy studied the Python programming language on his own and took a course. Another important part of his life is music.He has been playing the violin for 4 years.

Sviatoslav is at home Sviatoslav is getting ready to play the violin

The support of the VUSO team has provided Sviatoslav with great opportunities. He was able to resume his professional rock climbing lessons by purchasing the necessary equipment and actively developed his musical talent for playing the violin. The boy also began to study programming in depth.

Марія працює над новим витвором мистецтва

Now Sviatoslav is actively developing in various fields. His success in rock climbing is manifested in prizes at championships and festivals. He is also working on creating a chatbot for a veterinary clinic. His success in music is no less important: the boy participates in concerts and learns to play a new musical instrument - piano.

Every day Sviatoslav is getting closer to his big goal - to compete in European climbing competitions. He continues to achieve small victories during his training, aiming to represent his country at important competitions.

Sviatoslav shows his new rock climbing shoes

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