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Mark from Kharkiv


Mark resumed his martial arts training and realized his dream in the world of chess with the support of the Wix team.

Mark from Kharkiv, 12-year-old

Mark is an incredibly gifted child. He is only 11 years old. He builds impressive LEGO military bases and shares his creative content on his TikTok channel. Hundreds of fans admire him. In addition, Mark is passionate about sports and is deeply interested in playing chess. In the future, he dreams of becoming an architect or a famous blogger.

Mark won a martial arts tournament. Mark is heading to a training session.

Mark's success became a reality thanks to the contribution of the Wix team. With their support, he has returned to martial arts training, earned an orange belt and won third place both in martial arts and team sports competitions.

Перший самостійний виїзд Кирила на змагання

Mark's big dream has come true and now he’s actively learning to play chess. From the very first lesson, he’s managed to impress with his results and won various chess competitions in a short time.

All this added to his self-belief and gave him confidence that with reliable support, all dreams will become a reality.

Mark is strolling after a sports workout.

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