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Savva from Kharkiv


Savva's talent is blossoming thanks to his supporters from the Wix team.

Savva from Kharkiv, 12-year-old

Savva is 12 years old. The boy is fond of playing the accordion and is already close to mastering it. He has participated in international competitions and won the grand prize. Savva also goes in for sports and studies math and English with tutors. The boy treats animals with warmth and care, so in the future he dreams of becoming a vet.

Savva is on a walk by the lake Savva is out in nature

Savva's ambitions and dreams resonated with supporters from Wix company. Thanks to the stipend, he has returned to karting and started boxing. He's actively getting ready for chess tournaments as well.The boy is also studying programming,  improving his English and math skills. Savva doesn’t forget about his musical talent and develops it in a music school.

Перший самостійний виїзд Кирила на змагання

Savva keeps filling his box of achievements: he has won prizes for participating in an online music competition, rocket modeling and chess competitions. In addition, Savva tried his hand at playing the kalimba and learned the Ukrainian anthem on his own.

Savva always sets new goals for himself, such as learning a new composition on the accordion or improving his physical fitness. He understands that there is always room to grow and develop, and this is what inspires him to continue doing what he loves.

Savva is holding his award for participation in rocket modeling competitions

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