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Ruslan from Kharkiv


Thanks to the exclusive supporter, Ruslan is learning programming and achieving success in his basketball career.

15-year-old Ruslan from Kharkiv

At the age of 14, Ruslan is interested in two different fields: programming and basketball. He studies HTML, CSS, and masters the Unity game engine and the C Sharp programming language on his own. He dreams of creating his own exciting game.

Ruslan is celebrating his birthday Ruslan at training at the sports field

Before the Russian full-scale invasion, he consistently trained and honed his basketball skills at a basketball school in Kharkiv. In just six months of basketball training, Ruslan had already earned medals in competitions.

Thanks to the exclusive supporter, Ruslan resumed his basketball training and sessions in the gym. Additionally, the scholarship provided Ruslan with the opportunity to intensively study English, attend an IT school, and study graphic design. He has learned to create layouts, menus for websites, and animations. Within a few months, he switched schools to focus on information technology.

Ruslan's hard work and dreams are opening up endless possibilities for him in both sports and technology. And he has no intention of stopping at his current achievements.

Ruslan is programming

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