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Polina from Kharkiv


Supporters from Clario company are rooting for Polina as she’s  mastering effective communication skills and overcoming autism with the help of a psychologist.

4-year-old Polina from Kharkiv

Polina is a four-year-old girl who, like many other children, loves to play and learn. However, Polina has been diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder which makes her communication and interaction with her surroundings complicated. Polina requires additional attention, support, and a special approach to education and the development of social skills, which her parents are striving to provide for her.

Polina's first sessions with a psychologist Polina's educational progress with a professional

Specialized sessions with a psychologis are crucial to Polina's development. Thanks to a scholarship from Clario, she has the opportunity to attend these sessions regularly. These sessions assist her in understanding her emotions, expressing feelings, developing communication skills, and facilitating adaptation to society.

Polina also srtaed going to kindergarten which is a significant achievement for her. There she has the opportunity to learn and communicate with peers.

Polina's story illustrates how the combined efforts of parents, specialists, and Humancreed supporters can brighten and enrich the life of a child with autism.

Polina at her lessons

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