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Polina from Kharkiv


Supporters from Clario are assisting Polina in conquering autism and learning effective communication skills together with a psychologist.

4-year-old Polina from Kharkiv

Polina is a four-year-old girl who, like many other children, wants to play and learn. However, she has been diagnosed with autism, which complicates her ability to communicate and interact with her surroundings. Autism is a complex developmental disorder characterized by difficulties in communication and behavior. This means that Polina requires additional attention and support, and she needs a specialized approach to learning and developing social skills.

Raising a child with autism is a significant challenge, but Polina's parents are not giving up; they are putting in a lot of effort to help their daughter.

Polina's first sessions with a psychologist Polina's educational progress with a professional

One of the key components of supporting Polina is specialized sessions with a psychologist. These sessions help the girl understand her emotions and communicate with others. The psychologist works with Polina to develop her communication skills, aiding her in adapting to society as well as understanding and expressing her feelings.

Regular meetings with the expert have become a crucial step in Polina's life. Thanks to professional support, she has started making significant strides in developing her communication abilities. Consistent sessions with the psychologist have contributed to improving her ability to adapt to the world around her.

The scholarship from Clario, the company that specializes in cybersecurity, has provided Polina with the opportunity to attend sessions with the psychologist, which are essential for her development.

Polina's story illustrates how the combined efforts of parents, specialists, and Humancreed supporters can create positive changes in the life of a child with autism.

Polina at her lessons

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