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Pavlo from Kherson 


Thanks to the support of the team of supporters from Clario company, the boy realized his dream of participating in chess competitions and managed to defeat the grandmaster. As a result, he achieved second place in the championship.

18-year-old Pavlo from Kherson

Meet Pavlo, a gifted boy who has amazed his family and teachers with his accomplishments from a very young age. His talent in mathematics and physics was a remarkable discovery. Pavlo graduated from the physics and technology lyceum in Kherson and achieved high scores on the standardized national exams. His academic achievements were so impressive that he became one of the 6 students who were awarded government-funded places to study "Cybersecurity" at the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. Additionally, the boy is a candidate for the title of "Candidate for Master of Sport" in chess and dreams of becoming a Master of Sport.

Pavlo is determined to reach his goals The boy is playing chess

Pavlo is supported by the team from Clario, who specialize in cybersecurity. The scholarship provided by the team turned out to be crucial for the realization of the boy's dreams and the development of his talent. Now, Pavlo is studying at his dream university with a new laptop. He also participated in several chess tournaments in Europe and received prizes.

Павло бере участь у шахматних турнірах

Chess tournaments serve as a real testing ground for Pavlo, where he can demonstrate his skills and strategic thinking. An important milestone in his journey was his meeting with a grandmaster during one of the tournaments. Despite the grandmaster's vast experience and skill, Pavlo managed to defeat him and secure second place in the championship. Such achievements open new opportunities for him and inspire him to reach even greater heights.

Pavlo's diverse interests are not merely hobbies; they complement his educational and athletic journey. He became interested in football and has already played his first match.

We believe that supporters can help children realize their potential and become leaders in their fields.

Pavlo with a new laptop is ready for diligent studying Pavlo is celebrating his birthday at a chess tournament

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