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Pavlo from Kherson 


Embodied his dream of participating in chess competitions, where he defeated a grandmaster and secured the 2nd place in the championship.

18-year-old Pavlo from Kherson

Pavlo is a gifted young man who impressed with his talent in mathematics and physics from an early age. Graduating from the physics and technology lyceum in Kherson with high scores on the standardized tests (ZNO), he became one of only 6 students awarded government-funded spots in the "Cybersecurity" program at Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. He aspires to become a chess master and is currently a candidate for the title of chess master.

Pavlo is determined to reach his goals The boy is playing chess

Pavlo receives support from the fan community of Clario, a company specializing in cybersecurity. Thanks to the scholarship from the Clario team, Pavlo studies at his dream university with a new laptop. He has also developed an interest in football and has already played in his first match.

Павло бере участь у шахматних турнірах

Among Pavlo's chess achievements are 1st and 2nd places in rapid chess among boys under 18 at the Chess Championship in Slovakia, where he defeated a grandmaster. Additionally, he has been invited to play in the Chess League. Pavlo's victories include 1st place with a rating below 1800 in chess competitions and 2nd place with a rating of 1800-2000 in chess competitions.

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Pavlo with a new laptop is ready for diligent studying Pavlo is celebrating his birthday at a chess tournament

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