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Oleksiy from Mariupol 


Oleksii's dream of learning to play the guitar became a reality thanks to the supporters from the team of the Kyiv branch of the Insurance Company VUSO.

11-year-old Oleksiy from Mariupol
In his hometown of Mariupol, Oleksii attended a local computer academy, where he studied programming and Photoshop. He immersed himself in English language studies. Moreover, he has a passion for solving Rubik's cubes and collects cubes of various complexities. He could solve the simplest one in just 1 minute. Oleksii is an exceptionally clever young boy, but his ultimate dream was to learn to play the guitar.

Oleksiy's hobby Oleksiy and his guitar
Thanks to the kind-hearted supporters from the Kyiv branch of VUSO Insurance Company, Oleksii's dream became a reality, and he began taking guitar lessons with a teacher. The opportunity to pursue his dream step by step filled Oleksii with immense happiness.

Whether practicing at home, exploring new melodies on his own, or with his teacher, Oleksii's dedication knew no bounds. Even when he fell ill, he would still pick up his guitar and continue learning.

After several months of persistent effort, the young boy achieved impressive results. Now, Oleksii actively continues to move forward in this direction, striving for further success.

Oleksiy's success

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