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Oleksiy from Mariupol 


Oleksiy turned his dream of learning to play the guitar into reality thanks to the support from the Kyiv team of the insurance company VUSO.

11-year-old Oleksiy from Mariupol
In his hometown of Mariupol, Oleksiy studied at the local computer academy, focusing on programming and Photoshop. He delved into an advanced study of the English language.
Oleksiy's hobby Oleksiy and his guitar
Beyond his studies, he has a passion for Rubik's Cubes. This clever boy can solve the simplest one in just 1 minute and has an entire collection of cubes of varying complexity.

However, Oleksiy's most significant dream was to learn to play the guitar. With the support from the Kyiv team of the insurance company VUSO, Oleksiy realized this dream and began taking guitar lessons with a teacher. His enthusiasm for music lessons was so profound that within a few months, he impressed everyone with a notable achievement – performing at the school concert for Teacher's Day, where he not only played the guitar but also sang.

Currently, Oleksiy is actively continuing his musical development and striving for success.

Oleksiy's success

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