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Oleksandra from Bakhmut


The dream of engaging in rhythmic gymnastics became a reality, thanks to the support of employees from the main office of VUSO insurance company.

6-year-old Oleksandra from Bakhmut

From an early age, Oleksandra showed an interest in grace and agility. She attended developmental clubs and prepared for school. Her biggest dream was to become a gymnast. To achieve her goal, she practiced at home, attended splits lessons, and trained with the hoop and jump rope.

Practicing gymnastics at home Oleksandra's performance

Olexandra's life took a positive turn when a team of supporters from the VUSO insurance company decided to help her. The young gymnast joined the training sessions with coaches from Ukraine’s national Olympic team. She began learning from experienced professionals who help her refine techniques and elevate her skill level. In addition to gymnastics, the girl started showing her talents in dance and vocals.

Among Oleksandra's achievements are awards for vocal competitions at the All-Ukrainian and International levels, performances at a concert in the music school, and a successful transition to the second year of study at the art school.

Little Olexandra achieves new milestones and victories every week, setting an example of perseverance and inspiration for everyone.

Sasha’s success in gymnastics

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