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Mykola from Kharkiv


First victory in the school competition thanks to a stiped from supporters.

Mykola from Kharkiv, 7-year-old

Mykola is 7 years old. The boy loves drawing, math and pottery. He dreams of becoming a police officer or firefighter. He is actively studying English because he understands that it is an important step towards his successful career.

Mykola is on a walk The process of drawing

The Yola team believed in Mykola's dreams. With their support, the boy started attending art classes and practicing at home. He also resumed pottery classes and began to actively learn English.

Перший самостійний виїзд Кирила на змагання

After just a few months of participation in Humancreed, Mykola has already won first place in the All-Ukrainian Ukrainian Language competition. In addition, his dream of getting a new bicycle has come true. 

Mykola is enjoying the opportunity to do what he really enjoys. He is approaching his main goal of mastering English and making all his dreams come true step by step.

Mykola is holding his drawing

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