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Milana from Kharkiv


She realized her dream of resuming pole sports training thanks to the support of the team of the Dnipro branch of VUSO Insurance Company. The girl works tirelessly to make it to the World Championship.

12-year-old Milana from Kharkiv

Meet Milana, an 11-year-old girl with a spark in her eyes and a dream in her heart. Her creativity and determination impress everyone around her. From an early age, Milana embarked on a journey into the world of dance, finding her calling in pole sports. Despite numerous injuries and challenges along the way, she remained undaunted. Her participation in the World Championship, earning the 4th place, and being honored as an ambassador, demonstrated her immense potential and talents. Now, her eyes are set on the gold. In the future, Milana dreams of becoming a flight attendant or a choreographer.

Milana is representing Ukraine in the dance competition Milana is training

Supporters from the VUSO team stand by Milana on her sporting journey. Thanks to the scholarship she received, Milana's parents take care of her physical preparation and ensure she has regular training sessions. During her acrobatics classes, she expands her possibilities and gains new skills. Milana eagerly looks forward to each training session, aiming to perfect her techniques and elements.

Diligence and hard work are key characteristics of Milana, helping her reach new heights in sports. Each training session is a step closer to her goal of winning the gold at the upcoming World Championship.

Milana knows that victory requires hard work and dedication, and she is ready to put in all her efforts to achieve her goal. She dreams of new achievements and eagerly anticipates the future path where she can showcase her talent and drive for victory.

Milana's training even during her walk

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