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Maria from Barvinkove


Thanks to the supporters, Maria has got back to drawing and has the opportunity to participate in creative competitions and win prizes.

11-year-old Maria from Barvinkove

Maria's young talent shines through incredible and creative ways. She is dedicated to creating her own works of art and joyfully incorporates elements of both painting and sculpture. Maria is also involved in crafts and happily makes various handmade items. Additionally, she adores playing the piano. Maria aspires to become a teacher of ethics, music, and drawing. She also wants to inspire others with her creativity and to realize her potential in various fields.

Maria gets inspiration for painting Maria's artwork that has won an award

The supporters have encouraged Maria's dreams and goals and have begun providing her with a scholarship. This support has allowed Maria to take personal drawing lessons and deepen her knowledge and skills in crafts. Her work titled "Panda" has won a prize in an international competition. Maria's creativity and perseverance bring joy not only to herself but also capture the hearts of others.

The talented Maria doesn't limit herself to just drawings but also explores the secrets of craftsmanship. She started sewing on a sewing machine and created a case for storing her creative materials.

Maria continuously improves her creative skills, turns new ideas into reality, and receives more and more participation awards and winning trophies. She not only develops her talent but also inspires people around her with her dreams and determination.

Creating a painting

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