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Kyrylo from  Kharkiv


Return to kickboxing and the path to new sports victories, thanks to the support of the team from the Head Office of VUSO Insurance Company.

11-year-old Kyrylo from Kharkiv

Kyrylo is 11 years old, and he is a true fighter. Four titles of Ukrainian champion and a sports rank are not just achievements; they are the first stage on the path to great sports accomplishments for Kyrylo. They say he is "skinny, small, and agile," but in the ring, he can defeat opponents who are taller and heavier than him. Kyrylo dedicates every day to training, but he also does not forget about education and excels in the "Intellect of Ukraine" class.

Kyrylo with his awards The boy with his award for excellent results at competition

The dreams and goals of Kyrylo have been supported by the team from the Head Office of VUSO Insurance Company. The boy started to train diligently and intensively prepare for his first competitions after a long break, and as a result, he won and was awarded medals. Thanks to the scholarship, new opportunities opened up - Kyrylo's parents purchased the necessary sports equipment for him, he became interested in programming and creating small games in Scratch, and he also started attending an online IT school.

An important event in the boy's life was his first independent trip to the championship of Ukraine in a new city. In a short period under the guidance of a new coach, Kyrylo demonstrated excellent results - silver and bronze medals, showing a powerful potential for future victories.

Kyrylo does not stop at his achievements and enthusiastically embraces new challenges. He strives to constantly improve his skills and learn from the best coaches. His strong self-confidence helps Kyrylo move forward despite difficulties and set new goals for himself.

Medals for the latest competition

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