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Kostyantyn from  Kherson 


Thanks to the Wix company's supporters, the boy realized his dream of becoming an MMA athlete and is now confidently advancing towards the championship.

8-year-old Kostyantyn from Kherson

At just 8 years old, Konstantin has various hobbies. He loves building LEGO, drawing, and playing computer games. Konstantin also enjoys spending time with friends, riding his bike and scooter, and organizing lively races. Always ready for new adventures, he loves active leisure.

Kostyantyn is having an active rest The boy during MMA training

From a very young age, Konstantin showed interest in sports and actively participated in a swimming section. Later on, he discovered another passion – martial arts. He started practicing MMA and has already participated in a tournament, showcasing his endurance and combat skills.

The support from the Wix fan community allowed the boy to develop in both programming and sports. He began learning the basics of programming and created his first game, "Volleyball," in Scratch. Additionally, Konstantin resumed his MMA training, took part in sparring sessions, and actively practiced strikes during training. He participated in a nationwide karate tournament, achieving a commendable result.

The boy skillfully combines his passions. He spends almost every evening creating games and trains during the day in MMA classes. Konstantin puts in every effort to quickly approach his dream of becoming the MMA champion of Ukraine.

Kostyantyn is creating his own game during programming lessons

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