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Daria from Avdiivka 


Daria's life changed forever when the team of supporters from VUSO Insurance Company's Lviv branch stood by her side. Thanks to a scholarship, the young girl realized her long-standing dream of dancing.

9-year-old Daria from Avdiivka

Daria is a little girl with sparkling eyes, who always believes in her dreams. Even at a very young age, she felt a strong desire for dancing. With her confidence and determination, she achieved significant accomplishments in dance competitions and city contests. Daria is also passionate about caring for toy animals, as she aspires to become a vet in the future.

Daria is treating her cat Little Daria is training

The supporters from the VUSO Insurance Company team responded to Daria's aspiration of pursuing dance and provided her with a scholarship. This allowed Daria to focus on her dance lessons, improve her skills, and gain valuable experience of participating in competitions. The scholarship served as a catalyst, enabling the young girl to unleash her potential and realize her talents.

After a few weeks of sports training, Daria and her team received a significant award - the grand prize for participating in the "Winter Triumph" festival.

The girl is making rapid progress and achieving success. She completed her gymnastics demonstration class with excellence and is actively preparing for dance concerts and competitions. Daria is a shining example of how children can develop their talents when they receive support and opportunities from supporters.

Daria before her performance

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