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Andrii from Mariupol


With the support of the team of supporters from Yola company, the boy fulfilled his dream of practicing taekwondo and taking part in competitions.

12-year-old Andrii from Mariupol

Andrii is a 12-year-old boy with big dreams and many interests. Even before the russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, he already showed an interest in martial arts and programming. After being evacuated from his hometown and staying in one of the children's camps, the boy appeared in a documentary film about Mariupol. In the new city, Andrii dreamed of starting to learn programming and practicing taekwondo.

The support of mentors is important for Andrii Preparation for training

The team of supporters from Yola, a company specializing in website builder development, played a significant role in the development and self-realization of Andrii. Thanks to the provided scholarship, the boy started attending his favorite taekwondo classes, learning English, and studying programming.

In a short period of time, Andrii has already achieved success in his pursuits. He began diligently studying English, exploring new topics, and learning new words. Moreover, Andrii immersed himself in the world of programming and started creating his own games, as well as taking a C++ course. The support from the Yola team provided him with confidence and motivation not only to attend taekwondo classes but also to participate in his first competition wearing his new uniform. As a result, he has won two medals in the taekwondo competition in Vinnytsia. 

After successfully passing the taekwondo examination Andrii earned a yellow belt. It inspired him to achieve more. He is confident that this is only the beginning and he looks forward to bright victories and new accomplishments in the world of martial arts.

The boy's having fun during his training sessions

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