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Unleash Potential: Champion the Dreams of Ukraine’s Children, and Shape Ukraine’s Future

A new way to make a social impact and help the nation thrive! 🌱💪

We introduce a novel approach to community support for children - take the helm of your contribution to a brighter future: select dreams, monitor progress, and be assured.

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Decide who to support - become a supporter of the children whose dreams and needs resonate with your heart.
Incredible project. Before, I used to make monthly donations to various charities but never really followed up on the results. With Humancreed, I can see the children's progress first-hand, and it's genuinely inspiring!

Ihor Frolov
Branch Director,

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Experience real change - watch the development and progress of the children, and share in their small and big joys and victories.
I'm thrilled to see results and that the child is happy! Knowing this will help the child pursue the dreams they so deeply need is amazing!

Tetiana Tkachuk
HR manager,

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Transparency you can trust: Track the spending reports of the granted scholarship, provided by parents and verified by the “Dopomagai” NGO.
Humancreed allows you to get acquainted with the dreams of children and the stories of their families, which naturally evokes a desire to support their journey to personal triumphs!

Evgenii Saveliev
Partner, law-firm

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Flexible subscription that benefits both you and the children. Change your contribution amount or pause your subscription at any time. We'll ensure uninterrupted support for the children.
I highly value the achievements of children who, thanks to their strong will, not only give 100% effort but also don’t stop at the results they’ve achieved; they continue to strive and reach new heights…

Olena Temchenko

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Supporters pave the way for children to realize their dreams, unlock their talents, and reclaim lost opportunities.

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Companies whose teams have become a part of our community, helping children unlock their potential.

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