About us

Here, at Humancreed, we want to do our bit, creating a platform that brings people together united with a single desire to make good deeds happen.

Our creed

We believe in a world where people could easily join their voices, talents, and efforts to make the difference.

Our mission

We connect good people with opportunities to make a difference, we empower those who want to contribute to a cause they care about. At Humancreed, everything starts as an idea, powered with persuasion, spread with words, and materialized with help and trust.

Our inspiration

We are inspired by millions of people worldwide who volunteer together, doing good deeds, giving back to the world without pay. Theу don't care about borders and limitations, spreading their efforts from local communities to overseas.

For whom we serve

We serve different types of people who are united around the idea.

Leaders — people who have ideas and organize opportunities. They could be volunteering organizations, teams, or individuals.
Doers — people who look for an opportunity to be a part of a volunteering project.
Donors — people who donate money or other resources to a cause they care about.
In need — people who seek help and support in their difficult times.

Where are we going to

We are just at the beginning of our way. We started with a limited number of counties in the San Francisco Bay Area and a restrained number of opportunities to learn, experiment, and evolve. We appreciate any help or idea, or feedback - please share it with us.

Got a question?

We want to hear from you. Please feel free to email support@humancreed.com, or just speak your mind bellow.

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