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Ukrainian Zone stipend fund for children with special educational needs

A team of Ukrainians has established a language club where foreign students can learn Ukrainian. Together with these students, the Ukrainian Zone team expressed a desire to support children.

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About the Ukrainian Zone stipend fund

The mission of Ukrainian Zone stipend fund is to provide opportunities for displaced children to develop, engage in creativity, and reach new heights in sports.

Details of the stipend fund

Participants: displaced children eager to develop and succeed in creativity and sport

Number of participants: 5

Age of participants: 0-17

Source of funding: One-time or regular payments

Stipend amount: 3,000 UAH per month per child

Stipend covers:

  • Payment for developmental classes

  • Payment for creative classes

  • Payment for sports activities

  • Developmental, sporting, and creative equipment

  • Payment of participation fees for competitions and events

Participants of the Scholarship Fund

Click on a child's photo to view their video message and personal story.

Later on this page, you will learn about

  • Link to a reporting document with all participants' expenses

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