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We exist to intervene on behalf of the people of the Tenderloin.

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The Rescue Mission is a space where anyone can walk in, sit-down, be encouraged, receive a hot meal and have people available to listen, and connect them to greater resources. Our Rescue Mission serves meals twice, daily and sends groceries out to over 26 buildings in the Tenderloin through the care host program.

For many people who struggle all night sleeping on the streets or are preparing for the night ahead, they can find refuge at our Rescue Mission. There are various options in the Tenderloin for food service, however we realized sometimes what is needed is community, a word of encouragement and music, praise and prayer.  We serve pastries and coffee for breakfast and a hot meal for dinner with large hearty portions.

San Francisco City Impact reviews

Ian P.

I've had a chance to serve with them multiple times over the years. They provide hot meals, nursing and medical services, cheap alternative schooling for Tenderloin kids, spiritual guidance, encouragement, and a tremendous amount of love to folks in need. Some organizations in the Tenderloin just hand out services mechanically and have lost their compassion for these hurting people, but the Rescue Mission serves with love and a lot of joy.

Joylynn N.

I've had the opportunity to help them out with our youth group during the Thanksgiving season. Just helping to distribute the food really made an impact on the kids because they realize how blessed they truly are and appreciate what they haf. It also makes them appreciate being able to help make a difference, no matter how small, in the world.

Anh P.

I volunteered with my friends on Christmas Day in the Tenderloin in SF and it was AMAZING. Even though my job was to slice a mountain of ham (I hate ham), it was felt really rewarding providing a hot meal to someone in need. This organization really made a miracle happen with organizing all those volunteers, getting all that food, serving & delivering meals, and spreading Christmas cheer!

Alyssa Mae C.

Serving the community was as simple as offering food and playing bingo with a few residents. It's easy to forget that City Impact is creating opportunities to befriend a complete stranger when you're focused on your own expectations. Thankfully, the mission of City Impact will always be bigger and stronger than the discouragement of those who may never appreciate the mere effort.

Joel Danielson

The people who serve and volunteer their time here are so kind, considerate and always smiling. Even though I come here to serve with a team of friends I always leave feeling so grateful and blessed.

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140 Turk St
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Monday - Friday, 10:30 am & 4pm

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