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East Oakland Burrito Roll’s mission is to take direct action and feed our unsheltered community members.

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About Eastoakland Burrito Roll

We're gathering to cook delicious, fresh food for our unhoused Sisters and Brothers in the East Bay. We are everyday people taking direct action. We hope to empower and inspire the world to have solidarity with our unhoused neighbors. Anyone can make an impact with simple actions like sharing water, food or even just a conversation. We also encourage everyone to get involved with their local homeless and housing rights advocacy groups.

If you're unable to volunteer you can donate funds to keep the burritos rollin'. 100% of all donations raised goes directly to feeding and hydrating the unhoused.

Join us!

Eastoakland Burrito Roll reviews


East Oakland Burrito Roll was a great success once again! We made and delivered 500 vegan burritos, dog & cat food, canned goods, and hygiene kits directly to unhoused citizens of Oakland.

Gretchen Werner Drake

Super well organized organization that is spending 100% of money raiser&donated directly to feed our unhoused neighbors! Hard to find an organization like that these days. Such a fun and positive place to volunteer!

Jessica Sanchez

A great way to give back to the community! Wonderful experience and welcoming to all. Everything in what Kira does in this organization gives back to our houseless neighbors and strives to unite the community

Ashlee Grigg

One of the most genuine impactful organizations I've had the pleasure of being involved with. Help spread the Burrito loooovvvveee.

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PO box 5605
Oakland, CA 94605

once per month, schedule

Eastoakland Burrito Roll

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