Alameda Food Bank

We help Alameda residents in need by providing nourishing food in a compassionate and respectful manner with the support of dedicated volunteers and partners.

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There are no active volunteer opportunities at Alameda Food Bank at the moment. Please, check similar organizations

About Alameda Food Bank

The Alameda Food Bank now serves 2,000 households every year – nearly 5,000 people total, or about 7% of the population of Alameda. People like:

  • A veteran with PTSD who has difficulty finding a job.
  • A single parent with 3 kids who is having trouble making ends meet on one full-time salary.
  • A young couple who both recently lost their jobs.
  • A retiree whose rent keeps going up, but whose social security check does not.

We distribute more than 1.3 million pounds of food annually, with over 900,000 pounds of that coming from local grocers, farmer’s markets, the county food bank, and individuals.

Alameda Food Bank reviews

Sholeh Esmaili-Montoya

Had a great time today with @boltthreads helping to bag 10,250lbs of oranges at the Alameda Food Bank!

Program Manager

Typically, the day starts with leading volunteers through the receipt and set up for food distribution, including receiving fresh food from grocery stores and packing non perishables. It continues with leading mostly a different crew of volunteers during distribution and providing support to volunteers and members with issues or, in the case of members, by listening and providing referrals if requested. Every day is different, with different schedules, staff, and of course people coming in to receive services (pick up food).

Pamela B

They are a blessing for a lot of people/family's and wouldn't know how we could make it without them! Thank you Alameda Food Bank for the food and great volunteer's...Thxs to all Awesome job!!! ✌💜

Manny Ellison

I have been volunteering here for a while now. I have enjoyed giving back to the community and feel it's a real blessing. The other volunteers have made it a pleasure to be associated with the food bank. Does it have its flaws? Of course but what it does for the community of Alameda over shadows it flaws in my opinion.


This company gave me a better look at things in the world and the people. The workplace was frienndly and it felt good to give without getting paid. Working there or volunteering was great.

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1900 Thau Way,
Alameda, CA 94501

Distribution hours

Mon, Wed, Fri: Noon – 5 pm

Alameda Food Bank

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