Distribute food to God’s House Ministries

Distribute food to God’s House Ministries

Alameda County Community Food Bank is organizing this opportunity

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We need help to set-up, packaging food, assisting with distribution, clean-up

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Hanne Mohr Sachs

Great place to volunteer for any individual or an entire group. Today we bagged onions and potatoes, previous times it was oranges, corn, apples and other fruits and vegetables. One needs to apply to be able to contribute this way and when the work starts a lot of fun can be had meeting people, having conversations and sharing snacks during the break. Work periods last about three hours and people of all ages volunteer: classes of school children, members of a group at work, a group of friends etc. I highly recommend it!


If you've ever thought about volunteering you must volunteer at the Alameda County Food Bank. It's by Oakland Airport. It's a beautiful facility and you'll enjoy yourself more than you can imagine. We did a work event there and the morning three-hour shift absolutely flew by. In total the morning volunteers packed more than two tons of food which amounted to 9000 meals. I really didn't realize the enormous amount of hunger in the Bay Area but the staff at the food bank does a marvelous job of educating everyone who volunteers. It's a very short education time, most of your time is spent packing the food. This is a great place to bring kids over 10 and a great place to volunteer your time. They need volunteers during the day Monday through Friday. 3 hours will change your life give it a try.

DJ Brown

The best place to volunteer for immediate gratification. Whatever you choose to do, whether it's putting produce in bags or sorting dry goods from donation barrels, you know that food is going out to folks who need it asap! If you want to be happy, do service. 😊


Great place to volunteer at. They are well organized, friendly, and professional. They have lots to do, such as sorting food, bagging fruits or vegetables, weighing rice/beans/pasta, etc. Children 10+ years are welcome if joined by an adult. I highly recommend volunteering here. The shifts are less than 4 hours, breaks are included as well as a tour of the facility. Bring a light sweater because it is a bit chilly.

Chris Sterbenc

We had a very enjoyable afternoon helping out at the food bank. Our company volunteered for the day, so we had a team of 20 or so folks. It was really interesting to see not only the volume of food moving through the place, but how many man-hours of full time employees and volunteers it takes to make it all happen. After we bagged potatoes and some other vegetables for a few hours, we got a tour of the entire facility. Really an impressive operation! This is a great way to give back to the community. Sign your company up for a day!

Dave Murray

Excellent place to help the needy. 1 in 5 people need the assistance of this place. Went there as part of a group through work. 4 hrs of standing and sorting. It was rewarding work and all the volunteers were kind and the staff you could tell really got behind their work. Will volunteer my time again

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About Alameda County Community Food Bank

Founded in 1985, the Food Bank's primary purpose is to collect and distribute nutritious food to Alameda County's low income residents. The Food Bank accomplishes this through its network of 300 hunger relief agencies which includes food pantries, soup kitchens, residential and day programs, shelters, and USDA distribution sites. In the 2010-11 Fiscal Year, the Alameda County Community Food Bank distributed over 20 million pounds of food to provide food assistance to 49,000 people in need each week.

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